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  • aksaharan
    10-14 06:02 PM
    I believe this has been going on for last year or so, with no outcome yet..

    Unified Agenda and Regulatory Plan Search Results (http://www.reginfo.gov/public/servlet/ForwardServlet?SearchTarget=Agenda&textfield=1615-AB82)

    Lets hope they do it this time.

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  • jsd123
    05-08 06:06 PM
    I always use SBI online. Very reliable, cost effective and best conversion rates !!

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  • honge_kamyaab
    11-15 11:45 AM
    I got canadian greencard and running out of time to land there before my medical examination expires.

    On top of this I don't have any visa left on my h-1b and there are no dates available at American embasies in Canada during Nov and Dec to get h-1b visa stamped.

    Can I land in Canada and expect to return safe with no h-1b visa left. I am worried that my I-94 will be snatched at the border and not allowed to enter back into US.

    Please share your experiences and suggest me the safe thing to do.

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  • don_don
    06-25 08:43 AM
    If I were you, I would wait till it is 1st of July. What if they reject it,,u loose more time than saving!


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  • jthomas
    06-11 01:26 PM
    people say I support it as if they are in the congress committee and the moment they say "I support it", the idea become a bill and gets passed.

    Writing letters, requesting the lawmakers for a 10 year EAD due to the retrogression would be a easy task for most of the IV members. This would create awareness and those who are afraid of meeting lawmakers would find a chance to do so. Once it create a momentum the group would be active to work on bigger issues.

    Great, if this bill gets passed it gives confidence we can do something. our voice shows strength and then more members would contribute, work on more action items etc..

    thats my thought. We have to constantly work on action plans under a good management leader.

    J thomas

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  • indianabacklog
    08-13 11:39 AM
    Yes, i opened a new thread so that everybody can see that CIS does mostly work on cases according to 485 Receipt Date. Otherwise i can't justify my EAD approval. I filed 485 and AP on June 18th and got RNs 2 weeks later. But EAD was filed later on July 12th. I got the receipt number for EAD from the back of my cashed check but never got actual Receipt Notice. Today i got the email that card production has been ordered.

    So if they have to approve an EAD filed in mid July, they must have gone with the 485 Receipt date. There is an LUD for our APs too for this Sunday. I'm happy that they are processing the cases in somewhat FIFO order. I was expecting EAD only 3-4months later since i filed it along with the July flood of applications.

    Dec2002 EB3 India.

    From your case alone this is rather a sweeping judgment. I can assure you they do NOT process based on receipt date if they did my husbands EAD which was received on May 3rd would be approved by now and yours would not. He is still waiting thirteen weeks on.


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  • IneedAllGreen
    02-26 11:59 AM
    Two reason to go for Peoplesoft Softwares

    1) Peoplesoft Enterprise ERP package is damn popular among HRMS software user world. Peoplesoft (before Oracle took over them) were earning major money/client on that package.

    2) Peoplesoft Enterpriseone(This was JDEdwards earlier version of Oneworld ERP). Enterpriseone has strong Finance module which may helps you to grow in future in your professional career. You can be a functional consultant in finance or HRMS or both.

    You can join any of several consulting company who are in Peoplesoft/ORacle/JDEdwards ERP business and for which they need MBA kind of background for their functional requirement at their client site. Trust me its not hard to learn functional part of these ERP packages. There are DEMO version of these software available to download and you can have guide for free from Oracle website. If you need more information then do send PM on my ID. May be I can send you more information.

    IneedAllGreen :)

    I would like to ask the same question but a bit more specific.

    For someone who is an MBA (Finance) with 7-8 yrs of Financial and HR benefits experience who wants to move to IT or IT related field what would you advice would be the best field to move to or best certification to take ?


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  • h1vegas
    10-07 07:37 PM
    Keep a copy of your paystub at your work place
    PS: Official comes from DHS to your office not your home

    Moreover how hard it is to keep a copy of your paystub at your desk


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  • alterego
    09-17 11:16 PM
    go to ECGFMG.org, you will get a lot more info and more accurate info there.

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  • we_can
    01-29 04:49 PM
    i just noticed your post. i am from portland, oregon. so count me in also. i had posted a message on the orgon state chapter a while ago and have not had a single response yet. Inspite of the large numbers of members in seattle and portland areas, i too am sad to this kind of inactivity and non-response.

    members from northwest (oregon, washington and idaho): This state chapter initiative is very important for our efforts. We are doing this for ourselves and I am pretty sure that these efforts will not harm your career or work in anyway. So, please do reply so that we could all get active and show that we in the Northwest can work for our situations and for iv's efforts in our own way.



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  • keerthisagar
    01-06 09:26 AM
    75% of us in this forum do not qualify for the legislation being proposed here!

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  • Soul
    06-14 08:36 AM
    :beam: Thanks for all your votes peoples!

    I vow never to design to this standard again :P:P

    - Soul :s:


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  • boston_guy147
    02-18 08:37 PM
    Thanks gst76!...thats very useful info...I did not know that it was mandatory to go to home country for 1st H1b stamping. Is this a new rule?

    My email is sharma.ee@gmail.com

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  • Appu
    04-06 10:33 PM
    If the Senate passes an immigration bill, it will be vastly different from the measure the House passed on Dec. 16. The two versions would have to be reconciled if a bill is to get to the president to sign. A bill can be virtually rewritten at this stage.

    That's the whole point. There are a lot of moderate republicans who would vote with the dems in the senate on the legalization provisions. If they can get 60+ votes, that would send a strong signal to the house - they would then negotiate away from the Sensenbrenner position. On the other hand, if Kyl and Sessions and Cornyn are all allowed to chip away at the senate bill and weaken the vote in the senate then the final bill will probably end up much closer to the Sensenbrenner version. When Reid says the WH should intervene, he is probably not baiting, just seeking help.


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  • neverbefore
    06-30 02:05 AM
    I have used AC21 replied to all the RFEs about it. Laast year my attorney delayed renewal of my EAD and immediately 485 petition started moving and landed in National benefits Center for scheduling an interview.
    In 60 days after receiving the case the NBC has scheduled this initial interview, only for me.
    Additionally what is worrying me is that they are vague on what documents they want.
    They say if this is marriage based GC your spouse should attend. Or of parent-child based GC the petitioning parents or child should attend.
    They have specifially mentioned medicals if not already submitted, birth certificate, returns, employers letter, EADs, travel documents, I-94 and then they say all supporting documents submitted with the application. What do they mean? Is this because they don't know what they are looking for? on top of this the words "initial interview" have confused me.

    Buddy, it does seem you are being pre-adjudicated, as the other guys are saying. We had an interview last December for exactly this purpose and the reason was two consecutive failures of clear biometrics on our part. It was for the better though because now our case is just waiting for a visa number unless something changes rather drastically. However, we did not encounter the term "initial interview".

    Do indeed take all your documents. I am pasting here the list of docs our attorney asked us to take. These are rough notes I took over the phone so you might find some incoherence. Some of these docs were significant to our case and may not be applicable for you. I would always prefer to go for an overkill in immigration matters, so if anything seems remotely significant, take it along. If you like, you may want to read the account (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/all-other-green-card-issues/21138-my-aos-interview-experience-5.html#post304806) I posted here at IV immediately after our interview. I remember a lot of people advising me to take my attorney along. I didn't because they were asking for a lot of money. You might want to take a call on that.

    And just chillax! You have done everything right, so why should anything adverse happen.

    What will happen: Oath->Demand for driver's license->Demand for passport
    Medical does not expire once filed
    Officer will review the file along with us
    We need to post a sticky note on file saying we are a family of 3 so we are seen together

    Appointment notice demands
    Employment verification letter from employers
    Mortgage papers
    Education transcripts and degree
    Tax returns
    Marriage certificate
    Birth certificates

    Will be asked to get a police clearance certificate after the interview, so take it beforehand from the cities you have lived in previously

    They might give us an I-792, send a copy to attorney. Always get the officer's name!
    A copy of July 2007 visa bulletin
    Arrival/departure record to/from US
    Pictures (passport) and marriage and family
    Driver's licenses
    H4 and H1B Notices of Action

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  • chanduv23
    04-21 10:10 AM
    We moved from NYC to Houston back in September 2009. If you want to talk, please send me a private message.

    Where r u moving from?


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  • krishnam70
    02-22 09:40 PM
    Hi Kris,

    Can you please give the source from where you heard about this info? There are a lot of rumors being spread without any reason behind them. So this is important to find the source of the info before we get panic or make decision.



    I can assure you this is not a rumor and has happened recently in my colleague's team. I agree that this might cause lot of doubts in people's minds but I just wanted to share the info so that people don't get in to trouble. It is quite possible that this is a one off incident. People should share such information if it come's to their attention. This guy was told to return from POE

    Regarding the rights of the IO at POE. I am not sure if it is within the right of the IO to decide in this case but I have read somewhere that the IO has the power to decide whom to allow or not according to the interpretation of law. I am not sure what law was used to interpret the situation here by the IO

    If this post has caused unnecessary concerns I urge you to ignore it. If people who are back from visiting other countries or trips back home can post their experiences at the POE or any contradicting information then this one could just be a one off case..

    good luck

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  • chi_shark
    10-16 12:27 PM
    look at your labor app... it states your proffered wage, job description etc. those are the terms and conditions... you can still get an EVL from your employer and have your lawyer (or have yourself) write a letter explaining how the EVL covers terms and conditions on the labor cert. in any case, this is a really stupid and unenforceable rfe... i mean how can the new employer even know whats in the labor and i-140? and without knowing that how can an employer "indicate" any compliance with t&c of labor and 140? i think you should be fine with just a plain evl that matches your job description and salary... at most, you can write a letter saying that "yeah the t&c continues to be valid".

    my 2 cents.

    may be not related ... but can someone explain what does this line mean ...

    The letter must also indicate whether the terms and conditions of your employment based visa petition (or labor certification) continue to exist.

    does this mean that while invoking AC21, you have to tell your new employer to support your GC application ? hope not ! whole purpose of using EAD is to get rid of sponsorship non-sense....

    anyone ?

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  • eb3_nepa
    01-25 04:57 PM
    I would not read anything that Times of India says too seriously. TOI has a history of changing the context or blowing up minor issues. This explains why, even though the recession (post 2000) lasted for a good 3 years, people back in India thought the US economy was booming!

    12-07 11:54 AM
    EB1 is typically for Phds with solid publications behind their belts.

    In some cases the individual can sponsor himself without an employer as such people are considered a good value add to the US. In other cases, an employer has to have a bonafide job opening requiring such skills (mostly professors, research, etc.,). These people are usually given their Green cards in ceremonies unlike EB2/EB3 where the card is mailed out in a USPS envelope.

    There is also an easy way. In some companies in India, people with 5-6 years of experience are promoted to Project manager roles and have a group of people reporting to them. If this company transfers them to the US to continue the same role, they become eligible for EB1. So in a typical case,

    complete education at age 22 and join company x as a software engineer
    get promoted to Project manager at age 27 (5 years later)
    come to the US at age 28 ( a year later)
    apply for GC on EB1 (directly apply for 140/485 as there is no Labor required and also PDs are current)
    get GC at age 29

    you are all set...get married, buy the mini-van (Odyssey or Sienna), perhaps open a India/Pakistan grocery store on the side which rents out pirated DVDs of desi movies and enjoy life!

    11-09 03:32 PM
    Does anyone have exact idea on what is meant my PD portability. I have my i140 approved on locaiton A. Then I moved to location B and started a new labor and filed for 140 last month.

    There was no mention in my second 140 about the old PD. When does exactly I have to mention that I have a PD to use. Is this in 485 stage? When I checked with my attorney he said, I have now two PDs and I can use any of them. But when and how I dont know?