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  • logiclife
    04-02 10:15 AM
    Somehow prove that you were undocumented(illegal) before Jan 2004 to claim that benefit.

    If you were legally present and have always been legal then the benefit does not apply and you have to wait for your turn in the line for greencard.

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  • gc_lover
    06-28 03:48 PM
    I checked Rajiv Khanna's site , there is no memo to that effect.
    Also , I am a client of their law firm and they didnt send/email any memo to this effect.

    Could you please post the link?


    Relax please...It's his sick idea of joke. I wish this thread gets merged or deleted!

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-03 03:10 AM
    so when is a visa no. allocated?
    say, i filed in july when visa bulletin was current and now its retrogressed to 2004. my PD is 2006. so can it happen that if all runs smooth and application is complted, i can get my GC, even tough visa bulletin may not have yet cut past my PD? so in a nut shell, visa no. is given when 485 is recipted or when its approved?

    visa number is assigned at or right about just before the approval. So if the VB is 2 years away from your PD, you are not going to see an approval. After your PD is current, you might be assigned a visa number if your application was otherwise pre-adjudicated. You will see approval either that month or shortly thereafter. Again, IF your application was assigned a visa number. not all people who become current are assigned visa numbers...

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  • cbpds
    10-14 06:52 PM
    Not sure how its good news, it is good for USCIS as they will get money for pre-registration while we do not get the EAD till the priority date becomes current.

    It will not compel them to make dates current when they need money by allowing folks to file 485

    Sakthisagar & RSM144 many thanks for posting, the spring document has a target date of Oct 2010, I believe there is a chance of this happening sometime with the fee increase, they will have a fee for this. Hope this rule comes into play it is good news for us.


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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    08-26 11:53 AM
    Dude it is pretty clear you dont belong here. If you joined a body-shop that replaced americans with cheap bodies then your employer violated the law and you were a willing accomplice. You are no better than an illegal alien. No wonder you are so scared of being replaced by yet another cheap body ! IV does not represent people like you.
    Now get the hell out of here.


    I want dixie as my spokesperson.

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  • ak_manu
    07-23 03:15 PM
    The way EB2 is progressing now, it looks like you might get your GC in a year or two. I would definitely recommend staying with current company. Once you have GC you can choose any job you want and earn more too:-). Also, it might help you spouse with tution and job (in case no one sponsers H1). So, I would think patience is the Key.

    If you really want to switch to Top company then have them sponsor in EB2 by porting priority date. If that company cannot sponsor in EB2 and you are more interesting in career the choose an other Top company that would sponsor you GC in EB2. After all they all are just consulting companies no matter big or small. If it is a client then I might grab the opportunity even though they sponsor in EB3 as at least you might be safe with them (if you are lucky!!) and don't have to travel.

    Makes sense??


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  • royus77
    07-17 10:29 PM
    My I-140 approved in TSC( premium processing)
    My Attorney sent my I-485 on July 2 to TSC
    my labor approved from Wisconsin
    but I read somewhere all applications needs to go to NSC , is it true?
    I greatly appreciate your help

    You are fine. I 485 should go where I 140 was approved.USCIS will internally transfer the applications until Aug 30 if they were sent to wrong processng center( Check the accuracy of date)

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  • kumarc123
    08-13 02:09 PM
    after rolling out the sept visa ... rao saab aaram kar rahe hain...
    kindly not "DISTUB"


    (translation : __mr rao is resting__)

    Come on guys, give him a break.

    His analysis was accurate, if any of you came across the September 08 bulletin, EB2 advanced by two months. Which equates to what vldrao analyzed in the past, the use of 20,000 visas in September.

    We all IV members stand united and lets not adverse someone on the basis of his righteousness. Even if a IV member is wrong, let's all correct him.



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  • pappu
    08-21 10:15 AM
    You must ask the badge number and note down the time of each call. Then file a complaint if you are not satisfied with the customer service experience.

    Once we have a proof of hundreds of such written complaints, IV can also follow up. We need people to file 'written' complaints in order to help improve the service.

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  • gcdreamer05
    11-20 11:13 AM
    Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is going to be DHS Secretary in the Obama Administration. This is a major news for us and it does has an affect on EB community as Gov. Napolitano is a strong proponent of Immigration reform and it is now believed that she has been brought to this position to spearhead the immigration reform in the Obama Administration.

    This is a significant development and one is likely to affects us all.


    Affect immigrants in a positive way right :confused:

    Meaning they will take some steps to reduce backlog or icnrease visa numbers (HR5882)

    or is it going to go in negative direction.


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  • morchu
    05-21 12:45 AM
    H1 doesn't get invalidated on a 485 rejection, even if it was approved beyond 6 year based on the pending 485. You just may not be eligible for another extension.

    if your I485 is denied, all applications/extensions based on your Adjustment of Status also expire.

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  • summitpointe
    01-31 02:02 PM
    There is a high possibility that you will get an RFE and you will need to reply for the RFE.

    Service centers does not consider three year degree course from India as degree equivalent from here. They want minimum four year degree. This may upset you. You may need to talk with your Attorney and look for an alternative to stay in US.


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  • glen
    05-04 02:50 PM
    As per my understanding you can apply for one year H1-B extension based on LC or wait for I-140 approval till August and then apply for 3 year H1-B extension.

    Hi Madhuri,

    Do you have any more information regarding this.
    I am in the same boat .
    My LC got approved through perm in my 6th year
    and I140 applied and pending .
    6th year expires in Sept06.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • corleone
    03-19 11:19 AM
    On the Senators,
    We tried them twice - they are useless.


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  • rajnag21
    07-18 05:30 PM
    Hi All,
    My company has filed my 140 and 485 concurrently at TSC. Labor was from new hamshire. Is that ok ?
    EB3 india Nov 2004

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  • raj2227
    10-17 03:18 PM
    I changed my adress after filing I-485 and I-765, thru online using AR11 form
    Its prety easy and we got our new EAD cards to new adress.

    I-485 - July 2nd
    I-765 - July 2nd

    Receipt notice Aug 29

    Change the adress online on Aug 30.

    Recvd conformation notice from USCIS on sep 6th. saying adress changed sucessfully. To the new adress.

    Recvd EAD cards to new adress on SEP 10th.

    so its very easy. nothing to worry .


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  • logiclife
    08-03 05:25 PM
    I worked for a firm for last couple of years and then moved to another firm. Now I want to apply for a Perm process and need the Experience letter. My previous employer has issued me the experience letter without my roles and responsibility:

    It was an unprotected word file, so I changed it and incorporated the roles and responsibilty and my self submitted it to my employer; Now i am afraid if they are going to verify it.

    1. What is the INS verification process?
    2. Do employer can verifty it by Fax?
    3. What can happen if INS came to know that everything was fine except the roles and responsibilities was included afterwards?

    What you did was creative (in a bad way). Sorta illegal. And sorta forgerish and borderline fraudulent. I am not judging you, I am just telling you how it sounds.

    Now, how did you add material to the word document that was already signed? And therin lies the bad part.

    Anyways, correspondence between USCIS and employer/lawyer/employee is always thru mail. I dont think they communicate thru faxes.

    Now, if for some reason INS (and by the way, its USCIS now) came to know afterwards, then you are in a deep hole because it sounds like fraud. Fraud is grounds of denial of immigration benefits (any benefit, like H1, or GC or citizenship). Besides, roles and responsibilities are not really needed if the letter says that all conditions in labor cert and 140 are still valid and employment is still offered as per labor cert. Then you dont need detailed description of what you are doing. And even if you felt the urge to add that part in your letter, why didnt you just ask them that?

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  • Madhuri
    02-25 11:11 AM
    You can get EAD and AP when you apply for I 485. After you get EAD you can apply for SSN. Looks like you and your mom have not yet applied for I-485. If that's the case, then unfortunately you won't be eligible for FAFSA as per my knowledge. I may be wrong.

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  • YesGC_NoGC
    01-09 04:35 PM
    I know atleast 2 in my close group.

    What are you trying to get to?

    talking about only personal friends or co-workers. Please do not vote yes if its some body you don't know but heard of.

    04-01 03:07 PM
    Hi Vinnysuru

    Case is approvable but my question is - will I have to wait till Visa bulletin has PD date showing NOV 2006 or beyond or Current or they can just get a visa number now (say April 08) and send it for card prodcution ?

    Yes, the current visa bulletin has to show PD your date or beyond or be current!

    Otherwise, they can't request visa numbers. DOS won't issue.

    10-25 04:49 PM
    RFE is basically 'looking for proof /more information'

    Wait for that then you'll know what they are looking for

    -and lately 'anything' is very normal :(